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Bedroom Design

First you should always consider the size of your room. Too big a bed will make the room feel small and cluttered. Remember, measure twice, buy once. Then choose a bed that fits your style or the style of the person using the bed. 

Focus on warm neutral colors and shades. Like beige, warm blue, mustard yellow, light to mid grey. You want your room to be calm and relaxing, so choose colors that make you calm.  

Both options work really well when designing your bedroom. The answer depends on your personal style. You can find a wide variety of blinds and curtains to suit any theme or color scheme. The key is, design for YOU, not what others will think. It's YOUR space. make it yours. If you still can't decide, buy both and try them out at home. When you make a decision, return the other one.

You can do both. However I would start with a theme and then get the colors to match that theme. Having a theme can make the flow of the room come together. Some themes you can try are, beach, spa, rain forest, woods, minimalist, elegant, the list is truly endless.

Absolutely it does. That's why the right blinds/curtains are so important. Depending on when you sleep, you will need to make sure your window treatments can hide or let in as much light as you need them to. But when the sun goes down, you will need artificial illumination. You should have light where you need it. However, I suggest multi-colored LED bulbs. The ability to change the color of the light in your room can really enhance the look and feel of the space.

The best way to do this is to sketch out (on a piece of paper) the layout of you room. Draw it to scale using one inch on the paper for every foot of bedroom space. Do the same for your furniture. This way you can try different configurations without breaking your back and annoying your friends and family. Keep the amount of furniture to a minimum at first, and if there is room, you can add additional pieces.

If your room is already carpeted no. But if you have hard surfaced flooring in you bedroom, then adding a rug can warm up the space. Make sure that the rug compliments the color scheme of your room. Place it where you will most likely sit. Whether that's at the edge of you bed, or in front of a chair, it doesn't matter. You just want it where you feet can enjoy the softness of it and bring you comfort.

Storage is extremely important. The single most thing that destroys a bedrooms tranquility, is clutter. And clutter is usually the result of not enough storage. Now you won't have unlimited storage in your bedroom, so have to stick to this rule. For every new thing you bring in, one old thing must leave. Have enough storage to fit the essentials. You can use storage solutions like ottoman's, benches, storage beds, dressers, bedside tables, etc.

You can go really cheap when setting up a bedroom. But if you want a room you are comfortable in, prepare to spend between $2000 - $3000.

Two words. Floating Shelves. Floating shelves take up no floor space and are great for storing things like towels, lamps, art, books, keepsakes, and general odds and ends that you may have. Remember, when you can go horizontally, think vertically.